Best Apps That Can Help You Grow Your E-Commerce Store in 2020

The best online e-commerce platforms help entrepreneurs build their website from the ground up. Amateur business executives might be looking to build a website with the help of an easy-to-use interface. From another point of view, the experienced industrialist will want more control and authority over the complexities of their business specialization.

Tools to grow ecommerce store
Tools to grow ecommerce store

The following tools are selected after a tedious investigation of the elements and features required by executives to start and grow their e-commerce store. These tools have built-in shopping cart software or can easily integrate with a third-party app. The tools listed here can help keep track of inventory, receipts, and delivery.


Wix is the website builder which delivers comprehensive support. You can choose from a list of 600 customized templates or create one of your own. The best part is that you do not need to know a word of code to create your website.
With the help of Wix, entrepreneurs can manage their online store as well as create a blog. Wix allows users to select the features they want to use on their website with the help of drag-and-drop tools. Check the Wix App Market, if you do not see something which you need.  


Shopify gives you comprehensive logistical support from the inception of your website. Shopify claims to provide users with the technical support to have their website up and running in the least amount of time possible. Decisive users can also take their time to make sure they have the appropriate user interface and features available on their website.
In addition to being able to add products to your Shopify store, you can also publish a blog. Shopify delivers support to accept major credit cards from the foundation of your website.


Square allows businesses with an actual physical location to expand on their operations. Industrialists can accept payments using Square’s customized solutions online or in-person. Square administers a credit-card reader which can be used to perform transactions. The transactions made with the credit-card reader incur a fee.
Square administers a website development tool in coordination with Weebly. The website built with Weebly comes pre-installed with Square. After completion of the website design with Weebly, users can use the Square Dashboard to integrate their finances. Square delivers support for mobile users.


Selz gives existing WordPress users the option to integrate their website with the Selz WordPress plugin. Selz makes the entire process of creating a website much more manageable with templates and the drag-and-drop design feature. They have a list of 25 templates users can choose from and begin to customize.
Selz delivers SSL secure certification with 256-bit encryption, for entrepreneurs serious about pursuing their marketing through technology in the long-term. Selz administers inventory management and shipping support. You can also calculate the taxes enforced on the transactions. Selz is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business internationally.


Gumroad is a powerful tool that gives digital entrepreneurs a chance to highlight their digital skills online to the rest of the world. If you have e-books, videos, songs, or software, you can use Gumroad to advertise and sell your product.
Gumroad has the simplest yet the most stunning graphical user-interface. Users can create their website to incorporate these same stunning audio and visual effects.


BigCommerce can build websites for new businesses just as well as established enterprises. BigCommerce offers sites the ability to integrate social media to advertise their products and services. If your business specialization has complex requirements to pursue commercial success, BigCommerce has solutions for you.
If you have multiple branch offices with independent setups, BigCommerce can administer resolutions for each of the branch offices. Once each autonomous configuration is complete, BigCommerce can help you merge the two branch offices, without any loss or misinterpretation of data.


OpenCart is one of the oldest, completely free, and open-source e-commerce platforms. OpenCart is entirely customizable since it is open-source. OpenCart seamlessly integrates with several different social media platforms and software. OpenCart supports a wide variety of plugins, themes, and gateways.
Even with all of these advantages, OpenCart is not the most accessible tool to customize. Specific software (minimum PHP 5.2, cURL enabled) and hardware compliance is necessary before installation. It also has slow loading times. OpenCart is suitable for new businesses but not easy to scale.


3DCart delivers a hosted solution for the prudent entrepreneur. You can choose from abundant themes and templates, which are mobile-friendly. You can tweak each one of the designs to suit your needs better. You can fix most overlooked SEO issues, with 3DCart’s SEO tools.
Having all the possible features and options users could want comes with a price. 3DCart’s user interface is not very user-friendly, and it takes a bit of time getting used to it. It will take users an overwhelming number of adjustments in the settings panels to get everything just right.


PrestaShop is the e-commerce platform which originated in France. PrestaShop has over 600 features. PrestaShop features cover all of the requirements needed by the rookie and experienced entrepreneurs to set up an e-commerce business with minimum capital. The PrestaShop dashboard is accessible via mobile devices.
PrestaShop users can presently choose from a list of over 4,000 different themes. The PrestaShop dashboard allows users to make changes to their website or check on the status of orders. The panel enables the creation of teams with varying levels of permissions, including members with specific access rights and restrictions. 

Big Cartel

Big Cartel allows users to have their online shop up and running in a matter of minutes. The features offered by Big Cartel are a little less than some of the other providers on this list. There is a step-by-step process to add each one of your products.
Big Cartel is an excellent tool for businesses which do not have a large number of products. Big Cartel only has six themes. Big Cartel supplies limited payment options with Stripe and Paypal being the only ones. Big Cartel can manage inventory, and it is free for stores with less than five products.


Ecwid simultaneously integrates with several different social media platforms at once. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the users on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and many more to promote their product. Even after connecting with so many different social media platforms, you can manage all of your sale’s platforms from a single control panel.
Ecwid is the e-commerce solution which has more than 50 payment solutions. Ecwid has five-star customer care support, which is available throughout the entire day. One of the advantages of this software is that it smoothly integrates with mobile devices.


E-Junkie focuses on the checkout process. E-junkie has teamed up with payment processing companies to conduct transactions without transaction fees. The software is conducive for e-book authors and producers of digital media. E-junkie enthusiasts will be making more money in the long-run because they get to keep much more of what they earn.
As customers purchase your product, they will receive a download link immediately. E-junkie automatically denies access to the software by the end of the trial period. If customers want to regain access, they need to purchase the full version of your software or the corresponding license key.

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