How to Create Flashcards and Use Them For the Revision?

Online learning is a trend these days. People prefer to read stories through eBooks. Pupils practice their skills through different online resources. Some resources are creative, and their visual helps a lot to make the student learn different things. Paukapp presents a very creative way of learning and memorizing concepts to the students.

It is generally observed that, when the students are preparing for their final examination, they revise the whole subject at the end. The part which required most attention get less time and the part which has been appropriately memorized consume time. The reason behind this issue is, segregating the topics as per their difficulty level. Usually, data present online or in books have the unit wise content. Paukapp presents flashcards through which the students can sort the topics as per their difficulty level.

The process to create Flashcards:

Firstly you need to collect your material on one place which you want to practice. Create a flash card with a single question and then answer on different cards. The limit of cards for a complex question can be 100. The cards have been divided into 5 levels, from card 0 to 5. Level 0 has the most difficult topic which required serious attention, whereas Level 5 would have the revised topic, which isn’t needed much focus. The student should achieve 15 out of 20 cards in their first session. The process of successful learning is based on placing your card from level 0 to level 5. The card shifts as per your performance and on your answers.

Logical error or correction:

Let’s say, you are preparing some topic in level 0, even after answering correctly, your card is not getting place to another level. There can be a chance that the content of your card isn’t appropriate. You should check your card details and update the content immediately if required.

Approaching to level 5:

Paukapp targets level 5. As the level tells the app that the student has mastered on a given topic. Repetition is necessary. The content on cards of level 0 is not to repeat again and again until they place to level 4 or 5. The app describes two rules to make the learners confident in particular concepts. They are usually given two days to confirm their mastery. The day one is to practice and place the card to level 5 and again need to practice and confirm the card’s presence in level 5.

Quick revision:

When the cards of some concept have reached to level 4 or 5, then you need to do a last revision before the exam only. Remaining time, you may revise for the concepts present in level 0, 1, and 2.
The whole process from creating flashcards to revision is very flexible and easy to understand. The more cards present up to level 2, means more revision is yet to be done. More cards present in level 4 and 5 means, most part is prepared. So, the app gives a very clear view of what is left to prepare and how much is covered. Following this, you can cover the entire syllabus adequately.

Author: Stella Lincoln

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