10 Dangerous Mistakes a Customer Service Representative Performs

Nowadays an excellent customer service requires a balance between modern technology and humanized maturity. Therefore, the moments in which communication is being interchanged with the client are crucial. It is essential to be carefully distinguished about what to say and what to avoid. With regards to business, adopting a strategy that values consumers and build-ups their trust is fundamental to winning their faith and loyalty. However, agents often come up with errors that do not allow a purchaser to believe in the service.

So, what are those mistakes? In this article, we will be discussing the most common yet dangerous mistakes that are performed by a customer service representative. These mistakes can create negative impacts on the client’s satisfaction and loyalty. A company should investigate and ensure that their operators are free from listed below issues.

10 Dangerous Mistakes a Customer Service Representative Performs

1. Inadequate Listening

Careful listening is the most important and fundamental part of communication. Everyone expects that correspondent will hear the problem attentively and also understand it. Operators may once in a while be so anxious to hop into a discussion. Sometimes they discover an inappropriate answer that neglects the tune of the buyer. Support representative must introduce own self first, then welcome consumer to clarify their circumstances and express their sentiments without interruption. At the end, conclude the situation and continue to locate the accurate solution.

2. Un-Friendly

A good friendly gesture is a primary key to communication. A customer should feel relax and easy to converse with the support agent. This will help the consumer to explain the problem conveniently. A helpful attitude let a firm to build regular clients.

3. No Apologizes

It is important to accept for the mistake, either done by an operator or company. No apology at the right time will lead to increase the frustration and angriness at the customer side. Try to pretend that client is right. A sincere sorry towards an exhausted purchaser can make him to be calm. However, an angry folk will never listen to the possible solutions.

4. Relying on Scripts

Scripts are extremely valuable for giving operators a direction and helping them provide reliable administration. It helps in saving time while conversing with several people at once. However, human touch in conversation includes improvisation, graciousness, and sympathy. Overusing scripted material results in robotic feeling and client might feel that he is unimportance. So, agents ought not to depend too vigorously on contents. Having the capacity to adjust to various circumstances and convey a gentle discussion is fundamental to building up a positive contact with buyers.

5. Absence of Ownership

Responsibility is significant for incredible customer support. At the point when clients have an issue, the representative must assume liability for the circumstance and apologize for the bother before finding an answer. Disregarding whether the problem emerges from an individual mix-up or an organization mistake, operators are brand delegates and need to indicate effortlessness and generosity.

6. Not being Honest

The biggest mistake is procrastinating with the services a company provides. If a customer is looking for a service, which is unavailable, support agent must tell it in the right way. Making fake promises is harmful. It will destroy the reputation of the company. Always provide the correct information about the product and services, company offers.

7. Lack of Product Knowledge

Most of the customers feel frustrated when they think they are being avoiding for what they need. This usually happens when agents have incomplete knowledge about the service and product. Operators, then move around during conversation instead of talking to the point. Not having true information can cause losing a regular shopper as well. A representative should be trained well and provided good insight regarding the company that there might not be any issue while answering clients.

8. Late Responses

Being responsive is essential for a customer support agent. Never make the client wait a lot. For instance, if an agent is finding a solution to a consumer’s problem, let them know. Inform the approximate time it is required to get to the answer. Let them know what is being done for them to avoid a communication gap.

9. Being Talkative

Stick to the point concerning purchaser issue. Neither tries to give unnecessary information. Most of the client thinks that valuing their time is important. It will lead to understanding the situation and providing exceptional relief.

10. Arguing with Clients

Never argue with the buyer even he is wrong. Avoid saying it straight away. Try to make them understand politely. In fact, if they are angry, an agent should make them calm and relax. It will help them to feel what the issue is. Then move ahead with the solution, and it will work.


Customer service agents are the brand ambassador, face and voice of an organization. Their competence, delicate attitude and corresponding skills result excessively towards the quality they give to the clients. It effects to complete shopper satisfaction.

Above listed are the most engendered mistakes a customer support representative performs either intentionally or accidentally. However, a service facilitator should know how to turn a communication to a productive, purposeful conversation.

Author: Stella Lincoln

I am Stella Lincoln having a master degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in the subject of marketing. I love to spread the knowledge and wisdom. My focus is to enhance my skills and reduce the gap. You can check my write-ups at my blog; Educator House. Nowadays, I am working in HarperCollins Publishers as a Writing Consultant.