About Me

I am Stella Lincoln, and I hold a master’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in marketing. I have a passion for engaging in discussions, delivering speeches and presentations, and publishing informative content on various forums. I started my professional journey in 2008 as a writer.

My primary focus lies in enhancing marketing and communication skills of studetns and seekers to bridge the gap. I have gained substantial experience and expertise in pursuit of my goals. Moreover, I have conducted numerous workshops on skill development, marketing trends, effective communication, self-awareness, and more.

I’ve also delivered training sessions to leaders and managers from diverse backgrounds. In my quest for knowledge, I indulge in reading books, journals, articles, novels, and various written materials, all of which contribute to my personal growth.

Currently, I am employed at HarperCollins Publishers, where I have been working since September 2017. We are renowned as a premier book publisher, known for our innovative and captivating stories. Our readers thoroughly enjoy our diverse range of categories, including mystery, history, fiction, inspiration, religion, romance, and self-improvement. Our dedicated authors invest considerable time and effort in crafting their best work. In addition, we offer niches such as cooking, home improvement, science, and children’s stories.

As of now, my daily routine involves writing and assisting students with their studies and research. I also engage in writing blogs, articles, and academic papers while managing my personal library.

I am always open to offering assistance to anyone in need, whether they are learners, those facing challenges, or leaders. If you or someone you know is encountering difficulties and seeking guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out. Please contact me without any doubt or hesitation. Kindly explain your concerns briefly, and I will do my utmost to provide the support you require.