About Me

I am Stella Lincoln. I possess a master degree from the UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) in the subject of marketing. I love to take part in discussions, delivering speeches & presentations and publishing reading stuff over different forums. I started a professional life since 2008.

My focus is to enhance the marketing & communication skills to reduce the gap. I am experienced and expert in my desires. I have conducted numerous workshops on skill development, trends in marketing, empowering communication, self-awareness, etc. I have given several training sessions to leaders and managers of diverse faculty. I like to read books, journals, articles, novel, and written stuff to increase my knowledge. All of them help me in furnishing my own talent.

Currently, I am facilitating at HarperCollins Publishers since Sep 2017. We are known as the best book publisher. Several writers come up with innovation and fictional stories. People love to read our publications. Mystery, history, fiction, inspiration, religion, romance, self-improvement are some of our top-level categories. Our author produces their best ability and grants enormous time for furnishing each material. There are a lot more niches like cooking, home improvement, science and stories for kids.

Nowadays, I am busy writing and assisting various pupils in their studies and research. Furthermore, writing blogs, articles, academic papers and managing my own library are recently my daily routine.

I am always open to help anyone; either a learner, a struggler or a leader. If you or anyone you know who is facing problems and seeking guidance, do not worry. Contact me without any doubt and hesitation. Explain your complication briefly; I will try my best to assist you as much as I can.