How Writing Helps Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Reading and writing are both the best ways to cope up the stress. Simply find amazing articles on HowToCrazy, read them and feel relax. According to the American Psychological Association, writing can be considered as a form of therapy. In fact, many who write often are not only able to help themselves but others as well. Some studies are being made, which surprisingly hint towards the link between writing and the strengthening of the immune system as well. Psychoneuroimmunology is a field that studies the relationship between psychological processes and the nervous system as well as the immune system of the human body. It seems like expressive writing is the most prolific form of writing when it comes to health benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the ways through which writing can help you overcome depression and anxiety.

How Writing Can Help Overcome Anxiety & Depression

Managing Your Concerns, Fears, & Problems

When we write about our fears, concerns, and other problems that we have faced in the past, it brings us closure. It can show us how we went through a particular instant in time or what went wrong and how we could have bettered ourselves. Furthermore, it can also help us shine a light on things that could have made all the difference back then. It also promotes bringing calm to your soul, and there is a greater degree of acceptance. Instead of fearing something that once left you paralyzed in its wake, now would seem less frightening.

Meditative State & Relaxation

Continuing with the previous point we mentioned,, writing can help you relax and put your qualms to rest. Naturally, you can write well when there are as little disturbances possible. This allows you to sharpen your mind and focus your thoughts. With no unnecessary interruptions in between, there comes a time where you go into a trance-like state. Ideas come rushing into your head while your mind can generate the words to scribble down these fleeting moments without any friction. All this peace and tranquility that revolves around writing in a quiet place makes it similar to meditation.  

Positive Self Talk & Identifying Negative Thoughts

There are times when through writing, you can also relay positive emotions and pump up your self-esteem. This is where you are your own coach, asking yourself to push harder and do better. This kind of reinforcement can assist anyone in trying and exceeding their limitations and face challenges head-on. Moreover, writing can also help you identify how your mind’s inner workings function, which can then reveal to you the trigger that brings forward negative thoughts and emotions. It is like a self-analysis where you are able to observe what causes negative feelings within you to emerge. After such an exercise, you can then put your efforts in the right direction to recover yourself. May be you would analyse you have an online business idea which you can turn into a successful startup after reading articles on Lobster Digital Marketing

Express Suppressed Feelings

To feel bottled up inside is perhaps the worst feeling anyone can experience. At times people can even feel suffocated if they are not able to openly express themselves. That is where writing can truly open up and give you a voice of your own. It is all up to you who can read your material and who cannot. As long as you are able to express yourself freely without any restrictions, you will notice your heart and chest getting lighter as if a burden has been lifted off of them. Truly writing can make your spirits soar as it allows you to break away from those invisible chains that bind you. 


Writing involves a fully active brain, and thus it is a mental exercise like no other. One should plan and commit to writing a daily count of words. This habit of writing will not only help them heal from wounds of the past but also can be developed into a professional skill which many leaders of today are looking for in people. Writing a piece for yourself is like being given an empty canvas. What you choose to draw on it is all up to you. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that writing also allows you to take a journey deep within yourself. You not only get to know yourself better but also become aware of a lot of things that you didn’t pay much attention to in the past. We recommend that you write your heart out every once in a while. Cheers!

Author: Stella Lincoln

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