The Positive Adoption of Smartwatch for the Office Workers

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Not only is it making its way in every aspect of our daily households and lifestyle, but many corporate leaders are rethinking their strategies for doing business as well.
One such device being heavily introduced in the market is a smartwatch. According to statistics presented on Statista, the smartwatch adoption rate has seen a 12% increase since 2013’s 2%, hitting an all-time high of 14% in 2018 as it continued an upward trend onwards. Thus, these figures show that the working class is adopting smartwatches for a variety of reasons and as it benefits them well.

5 Positive Adoption of Smartwatch for employees

Therefore, here are five ways smartwatches are being integrated with the workspace as IT leaders rethink innovation through wearable devices and smart apps.

They don’t just tell time

To people who limit the usage of smartwatches by saying that they are just a fancy way to tell time, don’t know the actual value of the device. Smartwatches are not just a luxury you own to tell time. They work beyond that. It is a minimalistic, much smaller smart device to keep you connected wirelessly, without keeping you handicapped. If you have a smartwatch around your wrist, chances are you would not even require taking out your phone from pocket and still be able to do most of the work.

Receive calls instantly

One of the many things your smartwatch does for you allows you to receive calls immediately. Your smartwatch is synced with your mobile phone. So any calls on your phone are directly accessible through your smartwatch. This feature helps you in staying connected wirelessly, also add wireless headphones in the picture. You can instantly answer a work call from your team, talk while on the go, or even when you are driving or working remotely. Smartwatches keep you connected as long as it requires and is efficient and fast in doing so.

Stay healthy and fit

Smartwatches integrate your physical and bodily attributes to provide you details and statistics about your body, heartbeat, weight as well as fitness. There are now so many health and fitness applications available that are smartwatch efficient. They take manual input of information initially and then gather real-time data based on your heart rate and body activity to provide you with the best health and fitness tips to keep up with during the day. The best part about this feature is that it does not disrupt your work-life balance. You can easily use those tactics, even at work.

Increased mobility

Wearables are like a superpower. The wearable augmented technology augments the employees’ physical and intuitive abilities to keep them secure as well as mobile. The world has become one global phenomenon that is interconnected and on the go 24/7-365. People don’t have time to cater to things that require them to stop and contemplate. Thus, wearable devices like smartwatches are bound to revolutionize how work is conducted in business organizations.

Work and task audit trails

Staying connected through smart wireless devices allows the employee to leave work and task audit trails. It becomes relatively easy to go back to older records and check what tasks you have completed, what are your daily achievements, things you still need to complete, and even a random daily to-do list.

Final Verdict

It can be easily said that with 2020 having started and the digital age on its boom, we will easily see in the coming years or even so months, how wearables integrate further in our lives through a broader range of emerging technological advancements.

Author: Stella Lincoln

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