10 Techniques to Reduce Anxiety While Facing the Audience

Generally, different people possess different nature hence confidence level also differs from one to another especially in public speaking. We are going to discuss some techniques for those who can’t control their lack of confidence. These are handy and impressive tricks help you to overcome to the anxiety.

10 Simple Methods to Reduce Anxiety While Facing the Audience

  1. Learn Your Presentation Well:

    The shaking confidence will be encountered when a speech narrator didn’t learn his speech or presentation very well. He tries to cover up all the necessary points and afraid of forgetting any. This might be a reason for beginners. Therefore, learn and practice well, whatever you want to deliver in public.

  2. Think Like Nobody is There:

    It is hard to assume while speaking in front of the audience that there is nobody. But if you can able to control your thoughts and start thinking that there is no one you are addressing or few people presented to listen to you, you can efficiently manage your hyper.

  3. Audience Are Your Friends:

    Treat your listeners as a friend rather than as a stranger. Usually, anyone can speak courageously in front of his known circle. Moreover, while delivering arguments, he/she might be relaxed and open-hearted. So, best practice to overcome this issue is to feel your audience as a group coordinator who will point out the problems in your delivery for sharpening you.

  4. Keep Moving Your Body:

    One of the best ways to control your anxiety is to move your body. Physical movement can produce chemical change, resulting in handling this awkward feeling.

  5. Connect Conversation – Previous Point to Next:

    Repeat some words, phrases or sentences to connect the previous point to the next one. It can also prevent you from losing your confidence. You will not feel that you are delivering isolated points that are not connected. If so, at least they all must be under the single umbrella.

  6. Gap-taking Strategy:

    A gap while speaking among the audience is also a beneficial method to overcome your anxiety. It controls your voice (up and down), accent, body movement and expressions. Thus, listeners can enjoy mixed mode and not express as bored.

  7. Become Familiar With The Place:

    If possible, go to the same area where the speech and presentation will be delivered. Practice the same there. This will help you in overcoming on the anxiety of new place. Because you have already been familiar with that place now and you have established the connectivity with it. It is the most vital and technical practice which can prevent you from anxiety.

  8. Never Try to Achieve Perfection:

    We all know that no one is perfect. If anyone can try to get a 100% result, he/she may fail to do, so that results in raising the guilty. Although, you will try to achieve the maximum outcome you can. If you develop this thought, you can easily make up your mind to handle confidence lacking feeling.

  9. Present a Smiling Face:

    Smiling is a built-in feeling of a human. But sometimes, we have to present it as a fake. There are many reasons behind a fake smile. This is also an important place where the narrator has to smile and show a happy face to the audience. Otherwise, the public show angry and tiring expression that will devalue the moral of the presenter. So, keep a constant and smart smile on your face to avoid severe consequences.

  10. Do Not Face Audience With an Empty Stomach:

    Several times, we notice that the person who delivers the speech possess low voice or tiring expression that impact worse over the audience. The reason might be an empty stomach. Take sufficient food before start presenting anything. Thus, your delivery will be energetic too.


There might be more tricks to overcome this issue. If you practice them, you will gradually able to face the public and deliver the speech without any hassle. In fact, after a time, if you avoid any of the above points, you will not face any issue because the ability to take this challenge has been established in you. Therefore, in the beginning, try to practice all these approaches to achieve the best result.

Author: Stella Lincoln

I am Stella Lincoln having a master degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in the subject of marketing. I love to spread the knowledge and wisdom. My focus is to enhance my skills and reduce the gap. You can check my write-ups at my blog; Educator House. Nowadays, I am working in HarperCollins Publishers as a Writing Consultant.