11 Tips To Enhance The Freehand Writing Skills

In the practical world, it is observed that people who read enough can write exciting material. To produce an informative and interesting composition, one must possess at least primary knowledge about it. That’s the reason reading is essential in the educational institutes. Hence, the pupil can build up the ability to script an excellent essay. Furthermore, the expert author recommends the same exercise that awards two fruits. Initially, the enhancement of information and secondly develop the capability of composing the best article.

Various folks have powerful imagination skills, true concepts, immense knowledge, and creative mind yet hesitate to pick the pen and start writing. Such friends are afraid that their write-up will be rejected. Below are some of the fundamentals that need to ensure while putting the thoughts over a paper.

11 Tips To Enhance The Writing Skills

1. Draft first

When writing about any specific subject or event, this is suggested first to draw a broad view. Construct the structure and outline. At the first stage, script a draft only. Never assume that you are achieving perfection. Don’t even try to point out and rectify the structural issue while composing. The black and white content is full of mistakes. Once it is completed then proofread it several times for understanding the nature of the literature.

2. Professional guidance

Are you afraid of your poor writing skills? If yes, then it is better to consult an expert. He/she might be your teacher, professor, senior student, an elder brother, or a best friend. Another possibility is to contact the paid service and only order the problem investigation facility. Whoever that person would be, should be skilled and experienced one. Otherwise, it is similar to beg from another beggar.

3. Avoid repetitive words & sentences

Have you ever read the novel and newspaper? There is a difference in both types of script. The news author desires to influence the reader’s mind. Therefore, some of the crucial words are repeating numerous times in a small piece.

On the other hand, a novel has nothing such repetition. The writer takes advantage from synonyms and other means to retain the interest in the written material. An individual has to practice a lot for grasping this skill.

4. Avoid overwriting

One of the general issues of a fresh writer is either they are unable to compose or write excessively. Both aspects are problematic. But the more critical is the second one, i.e., extra scripting. The user gets bored and can’t maintain the concentration. Ensure to describe the idea within limited boundaries.

5. Use facts and figures

Use specific words with realities and relate the recent writing to previous studies. Authentic details attract the reader’s attention. Factual points indicate the object based on which the research is carried out. These shreds of evidence verify the validity and authenticity of the written work.

6. Use graphs & images

While writing on a particular theme, it is import to represent the data using charts and pictures. Graphs are considered eye-catching for readers having the analytical mentality. Diagrams should be numbered and referenced with previous studies. Choose the best photographs that can interpret the perception clearly. Charts, graphs, images, and diagrams help to drat the narrative view and keep the attention of readers.

7. Choose appropriate style

It is obvious that folks from different region comprehend distinctly. Thus, writing style plays an essential role. It denotes the manner of expressing thoughts about the subject. Follow the proper pattern while composing. If you are unfamiliar, then learn it before finalizing the written content. Numerous online websites and tools will be profitable to achieve this target.

8. Proper use of grammar

Whatever the tongue is speaking by the author, no language can express the gesture to write up without applying appropriate grammar and punctuation. Moreover, when the editor checks the article and notices this problem, he/she surely reject it. There is a chance that the publisher never accepts your composition in the future. No matter either the script is for paper printing or screen. Make sure to correct punctuations, grammar, and language before submission.

9. Proofread the document

Usually, the write up shall not be perfect in the initial stage because you just wrote all the information based on your knowledge. Proofreading and editing process raise the chances of flawlessness in it. Before finalizing, cross-check the paper for every aspect as mentioned below.

  • All the concepts must be added and supplied.
  • There is no mistake of grammar and punctuation.
  • None of any statement remains vague.
  • The language used should be easy and understandable.
  • Check each sentence for proper structure.
  • Make sure the fluency won’t break at any place.
  • The interest and exciting exist from the start till end.
  • The information must be distributed in distinct headings and paragraphs.

This way a reader can easily understand what a scripter wishes to prescribe in his/her brief post. Moreover, the appropriate message must be conveyed regardless he accepts or rejects.

10. Keep paragraphs short

Try to organize short paragraphs. Make simple and short sentences. If the length of the sentences will be very long, it can be difficult for the reader to distinguish the subject matter. Try to put information focused and concise. Explain the facts in minimum words.

11. Digital Era

In today’s digital and technological world, people are not using handwritten paper materials anymore. But this does not mean that writing has lost its significance. Only the tradition has been transformed from paper-based to digital. Email scripting is the most common example of it. In the modern developed society, every person is adopting technology because of comfortability. Furthermore, it can be amended as many times as required without wasting paper, time, electricity, and energy.


Discussing various aspects, it can be said that writing may be one of the most useful skills of mankind. The reality is that it is not a unique ability. Anyone can improve & enhance own skills with some proper instruction, i.e., reading and practicing more. Good author practices to choose each word carefully, organize every thought efficiently and handle the paper technically.

Author: Stella Lincoln

I am Stella Lincoln having a master degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in the subject of marketing. I love to spread the knowledge and wisdom. My focus is to enhance my skills and reduce the gap. You can check my write-ups at my blog; Educator House. Nowadays, I am working in HarperCollins Publishers as a Writing Consultant.