Optimizing Guerrilla Marketing To Promote Your Business

So you know all about the superb marketing ideas using technology. In the real world of business, those strategies are not going to work. Because your customer stands face-to-face with you, and you need to have an excellent reason why they should purchase your product. Guerrilla marketing is a term coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in a book by the same name in 1984.

Optimizing guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is unconventional marketing techniques which can be used by business ventures on a low budget. Each product is unique in one way or another. Every manufacturer produces their product with some superiority over other products in the same range. Guerrilla marketing is all about highlighting those features unmistakably in the eyes of the consumer.

How Much Do You Want Success?

Every entrepreneur wants overnight success. In the world of business, there are no overnight successes, at least not in the conventional world of business. Every business product has its unique characteristics. Without this specific feature, your product would lose its edge over the rest of the market. To be successful in the business world, you have to highlight this feature powerfully.
Just like every product has features, every business also has to pass through some obstacles. Every company has a unique set of hurdles which needs to be overcome to achieve success. Entrepreneurs need to be ready to take risks to accomplish financial victory. That is what guerrilla marketing is all about. There is much more to gain than lose if the risk is taken deliberately with calculated precision.

Forget About the Failed Attempts

In 2018 the United States spent more than 220 billion US dollars on advertising, which is almost ten times the GDP of Cyprus. It’s a shame all that money goes to waste because the average American viewer’s brain shuts down at the mention of ‘advertising.’ Advertisers need to be much more creative and imaginative if they want to capture the average American’s attention with regular advertising.
Every organization has spent funds in the line of traditional advertising. Forget about resources which, were not utilized the way you wanted. Pursuing Guerrilla marketing is proof that you are beyond that. Now is not the time to grieve and mope about the finances you lost pursuing traditional advertising. You need to be completely focused on pursuing Guerrilla marketing techniques. 

Understanding Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a method of building up curiosity and grabbing people’s attention. Once you have their attention, present the audience with a new way of looking at your product. The audience does not have to be that big. If your method of capturing people’s interest is impressive enough, you will have a very loyal clientele. Before you begin to pursue Guerrilla marketing, there are some specific questions you need to answer.
What are some features of your product which are entirely new to the market? What are some unconventional applications of the creation? Are there current business opportunities in the local market, which your product could use to gain leverage? Do you have any specific creative ideas to promote your commodity? The answers to all these questions will help you decide which form of Guerrilla marketing technique is most appropriate for your product.

Utilizing Public Advertising

A majority of products can be advertised using traditional advertising techniques in a revolutionary way. Conventional forms of advertising can be used to promote products in bizarre ways. Businesses have used advertising on shopping paper bags, sandwich board advertising, ice cream holder advertising, and advertising on the sides of public transport buses. Public transport benches, billboards, carpets, and in some cases lights have even been used for advertising products.
The Dublin City Council of Ireland organized an outdoor campaign emphasizing the importance of dispensing used chewing gum properly. Some restaurants pass out free taste tests to pedestrians passing by in a bid to lure them into their diner. If you are handing out coupons which can be redeemed, it is crucial to take into discretion the number of supplies in stock in comparison to the coupon’s distributed.

Holding a Contest

There are some profound and unique ways businesses can launch contests and distribute prizes to their potential clients. Businesses devise the competition in such a way that their company gets internet exposure and their clientele can win prizes. The first thing to do is to plan a budget for the contest. Ideally, you want to achieve more exposure from the competition than you would if you used that money directly on advertising.
The prize needs to be meaningful to your clientele. The winnings need to be valuable enough to bring in new customers, and it should not be so costly that the competition becomes impractical. Offer potential clients the prospect of winning your product by completing specific goals. These objectives need to be in line to help your company gain publicity and new customers.

Projection Screen & Flash Mob

Some businesses cater to a particular clientele, like the people getting off of work at five in the evening. Flash mobs are only productive for companies which already have a market name. The entire audience should be able to recognize the product or entity being advertised by the flash mob. Another problem with the flash mob is that, just as soon as it starts, it is over. The flash mob has an everlasting impact on advertising goals. 
The projection screen is an advertising medium which is more adapted for new businesses. It can administer just the right amount of information and still leave a hint of mystery in the entire experience for the audience. Timing is key to effectively using both of these techniques.

Display of Talent

The physical strength, determination, and skills of some athletes are beyond comparison to the average human being. These athletes have taken years to master these athletic abilities and skills. One of the reasons why athletes receive so many endorsements is because they already have a fan following, and their fans admire everything they say.
One of the best ways to display your talents and expertise in your specific industry is to partner up with other businesses. Dentists have partnered with pizza places to design a pizza-box with teeth inside. A physical display of your capabilities goes a long way in convincing hesitant buyers to try your product. A toothpaste company has partnered with an ice cream company to design an ice cream stick which looks like a toothbrush. A customer inadvertently viewing your company’s skills is looking at a form of physical advertising.

Other Unconventional Marketing Methods

One of the critical things to remember when implementing Guerrilla marketing techniques is to try and develop a brand name. Given the right cues, your clientele should be able to identify your brand name. One of the best ways to increase your customers is to associate your brand name in a pop-up shop. Setting up a pop-up shop is much easier than setting up an e-commerce business.
Everyone wants what they can’t have; it’s human psychology. One way to become famous if you have a pop-up shop is to become exclusive. Be the pop-up shop that serves invite-only customers. This is an excellent way for startup businesses to gain a customer following. You can be privileged only for the beginning period of a few weeks or a month, depending on how business is going.

Author: Stella Lincoln

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