15 Smartness Of Smartphone Never Predicted Before 21st Century

The invention makes the routine process easier. However, the usage of technology establishes the society thus, raises the living standard. For example, cars, buses, and motorbikes reduce the time a man was consuming for traveling. Likewise, different kinds of energy saver bulbs are beneficial for bright lightening.

Smart Characteristics of Smartphone

Similarly, nowadays, we have an invention in our hand, i.e., Smartphone. It becomes a necessity for almost 80% population of the world today regardless of the intensity of usage. It has replaced numerous items of our daily use. Clock, alarm, books, calendar, notepad, music player, tape recorder, television are primary features of any small Android or iPhone mobile set. Even newspaper, scanner, camera, mails, games, etc. are also transformed electronically.

15 Smartness Of Smartphone Never Predicted Before 21st Century

It is a real fact that every instrument possesses merits and demerits. It purely depends upon how a man operates it. Although the purpose of the invention is important as well, yet I disagree with it based on intention. There are various examples like the knife, gun, exploding material, etc.

Smart Handling Of Smartphones

Android and iPhone mobiles are standard nowadays. People perform several tasks with the help of them every day. Some applications are related to personal benefits.

  1. Health consultant: It is a unique doctor that can deduct the problems in the human body. Through the assistance of several apps, an individual could be aware of their personal health and disease.
  2. Routine check-up: Available gadgets are designed in such an excellent way that temporarily sticks with the body. Their function is to check diabetes, heartbeats, pulses, cholesterol level, fever, and much more. These apparatus control with the smartphones.
  3. A meal, water, medicines, and sleep reminder: Numerous businesspeople have the issue that they indulge in their work and can’t realize to have life’s basic necessities. A great option is to set a reminder with respective intervals. Now, if you forgot, this device will remind you.
  4. Fitness recorder: There are some tools accessible that can track how much necessary things you intake like food, water, insulin, medicines, and sleep. Moreover, maintain the record and inform the deficiencies.

Sometimes, we are unable to perform a job and wish someone like a son, young brother, or servant to grant relief us. No worries! Technology has been advanced. It supports us to some extent.

  1. Child & pet care: Cameras that record the broad vision and activities happened there has been manufactured. They won’t save the moments only but also easily show over the mobile screen through the internet. In a moment, a mother sees her child playing at home while she is outside. Pets are another example for which a master gets worried.
  2. Personal assistant: Numerous employees get exhausted from their job and need healthy rest. It is hard for them to wait for long enough that reach home, turn on air conditioner, television, lights, heater, or coffee maker. An exciting method is to download apps and initiate the functionality of particular appliances according to your wish.
  3. Entertainment: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, are some video forums. In fact, many T.V. channels are now accessible online through smartphones. Football lover views the live matches on it.
  4. Buy/sale at home: The age has been gone when people spent enough time traveling and go to shopping malls. They consume at least an hour to select the buying goods. In this modern era, just open the app and click the section of interest, chose the item and place an order. It will arrive at your doorstep. Similarly, open an online shop while sitting at house or cafeteria.
  5. Location & details: If you desire to know the position of your loved ones, be relaxed. It is simple now. Mobile tracking, Uber taxi tracking, searching the direction of destination and mileages calculation is possible via distinct apps.

Tech is so much upgraded that it brings the knowledge and wisdom at the door. Friends stay at home and enhance the information as well as skills. No need to visit any institute or workshop for awareness and practice.

  1. Educational purposes: Various tools have been established for spreading academic comfort. Those online software grant advantages of facilitating a hub of the library, generating references, reading notes, viewing books & thesis, guidance for assignment submission and composing an essay for money.
  2. Vocabulary & Synonyms: One of the fruits of this invention is that students can improve their vocabulary and language structure. They also know the synonyms of particular words as well.
  3. Language learning: Various guys wish to know, understand and learn a language different than a mother tongue. The non-profit organization has developed software to teach the language. In fact, a seeker could strengthen his/her lacking or vocal communication also.
  4. Reading newspapers, novels, & books: Purchasing paper items for reading news, script, magazines, and books are costly nowadays. Youth go through the desired material in the spare time. Furthermore, they can change it according to their flexibility.
  5. Be Socialize: Being social is not an issue recently. Neither requires reaching at a destination to meet someone for accomplishing the desires. An individual can contact a person or a group via WhatsApp and social media forums. Hence, talk and share views or useful stuff. It will be profitable in terms of staying relax and achieving social responsibility.
  6. Office necessities: Many folks need to advance office supplies like printer or scanner for desired purposes. But for this, the laptop or desktop computer was essential. Smartphone app developer provides the opportunity to avail such facilities via iPhone and Android sets with no hectic.

The technology is updating gradually. New learners invent unique items for the sake of advancement. Despite, human are relying on these upgraded versions and expecting more simple life routine. We never thought before 21st century that it could be possible, but it is. We hope to see more resourceful, sharp, and brilliant performing gadget in the coming years.

Author: Stella Lincoln

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