Extracurricular Things Students Need To Do In University

Importance of Extracurricular Activities

There is a lot of emphasis being made for students indulging in extracurricular activities these days. Experts say that indulging in hobbies and interests adds a personal layer to one’s character that studies alone simply cannot. Many recruiters and managers at top companies would also like to see what vocations a candidate has apart from academic-related accomplishments.  Both your social life and work experience together can help you in having a successful life. This is why, in this post; we would like to look at some of the best extracurricular activities students should indulge in. So without any further a due, let’s jump right into them:

Best Extracurricular Activities for Students

Student Body or Government

We find that in many colleges, there is a student body or council that governs the activities and overall conduct of the students within the institution. Some hold general elections as well to appoint a nominee for the position. This allows students to step out of their comfort zone and deal with real issues and face challenges along the way. Members of the student body administer discipline and compliance with the rules and regulations of the institution. This imparts leadership skills in them where they not only communicate with fellow students through their official status but also make sure that order is preserved within the premises of the educational organization.

Academic Clubs & Team Memberships

Next up we have the drama, writing, poetry, theater, and elocution clubs that all fit into a broad category known as the academic club. These clubs have memberships and many students participate in contests held within the institution including debates, on-stage discussions, contests for best poetry piece, recitations from a famous piece of work, etc. All of these activities nourish the speaking power and presentation skills of the students who take part in these events. It boosts their self-confidence and esteem, which is extremely necessary for anyone to handle the problems of the real world. Furthermore, it also offers them the ability to address people in large numbers which is always a plus point no matter what career path you may choose to pursue.

Community Service & Volunteer Work

Another popular and common extracurricular activity is community service or volunteer work where individuals can apply and opt for offering their service for the betterment of their surroundings and society. This naturally allows them to work in teams and build up their conflict management and cooperation skills. The ability to work as a team member is important for young and aspiring minds as soon they will become part of the hustling and bustling corporate world where they will face and encounter lots of different people. Here these talents and skills acquired will shine as they will not only be able to work with people but also through them for a unified cause and purpose. Entrepreneurs like Rick Rea are always looking for such candidates to join their team who know what it means to be a hustler.   

Student Press Club or Newspaper

Writing skills have always been in demand no matter what age or century we talk about. Student Press Clubs or membership in a university newspaper as a contributing writer is highly praised. This is due to the fact that writing skills sharpen with time, and the more you write, the more you are able to deliver crisp and attractive content for the audiences. Plus there are a variety of topics to choose from which essentially builds a student’s research skills as well. They are able to accumulate valuable data and information for their dedicated piece and then compile that knowledge in a sequence that allows the reader to comprehend their message clearly.

Science Exhibitions or Similar Contests

Apart from writing and elocution, different contests are held within a university. These can relate to a specific field of study such as science exhibitions and celebrating mathematical whizzes of our times. A student who applies for such events cannot only showcase their inborn talents and aptitudes, but they are also able to learn a lot from their experiences that go beyond their textbooks. All of this ends up increasing their pool of knowledge for a particular subject drastically and thus offer them an education that is apart from their predefined curriculum.

Sporting Events & Athletics

In many educational focused establishments, sports and athleticism are widely celebrated. Not only is it considered a primary source of entertainment by many viewers, but there are a lot of skills that one can acquire from them. Lifelong lessons can be acquired through such participation that teaches the value of life, perseverance, and unwavering commitment towards attaining a specific objective or goal. Plus it also keeps the student active and physically fit while sharpening their decision-making skills along the way. Sports are also helpful in keeping students healthy, and their bodies’ toxin-free, as many of them require vigorous physical excursions and exercises.


Extracurricular activities provide a huge mix of social and professional development opportunities for students. They can help to relay potential skills that can make students succeed in the face of adversaries and various other challenges that they might face when they enter the mainstream. Students also learn to prioritize their targets, and some even sharpen their time management skills. With all of these benefits that one can derive from participating in extracurricular activities, one should look forward to them. Many students also find their true selves and callings as well as a unique voice for themselves through which they can push themselves around in the real world.

Author: Stella Lincoln

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