The Importance of Having a Biometric Attendance System in a Firm

  • Are you an administrator at a firm?
  • Are you leaning towards getting a biometric attendance machine?
  • Are you doubtful if it will be a successful technological input or not?

If you answered any of the questions mentioned above in affirmative, then worry not because you have reached the right place. This article is going to convince you and help you finally make up your mind to getting an efficient new technology for your office staff attendance.
Biometric technology has been paving way ever since smart cars, Nanochips, and fingerprint sensors have been incorporated in smart phones, identity as well as credit cards. According to recent statistics, 62% of survey respondents suggested that their companies already use biometrics for a variety of different security and business purposes. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, there would be a 24% increase to that amount of organizations using it.

Benefits of Biometric Attendance in Firm

Thus, here are five significant reasons to convince you to get a biometric attendance machine for your office staff and forget the traditional book keep that takes up so much of your time.

Easy and safe to use

First and foremost, one of the best features of a biometric attendance machine is that for the sake of better identification purposes, modern technology has integrated safe and easy to use ways. Not only does it provide accurate results without being too invasive of people’s privacy, but the clock themselves is made capable of automatic installation without the need for any prior usage training.

Increases Employee’s Accountability

One thing for sure is that enhanced technology is made to work efficiently. So there will be no chance of cheating the system. Not only will it leave audit trails, but any mistake or corruption would be exposed for everyone to see. The advantage of this aspect is that not when the employees will be well aware of how the technological input will impact their workspace wellbeing, they will try to arrive on time. They will be held accountable for taking any extended, frequent, or unscheduled break and would avoid misusing the time to increased productivity.

Job Satisfaction

It will cater to enhanced job satisfaction as employees would know well enough themselves that how early or late they are arriving as well as how early or late they are leaving. Accounting to how much time they actually give to their work in addition to all the breaks in between. Keeping track of all the entry and exit times as well as understanding the impact it will create on their overall performance. Employees will become more satisfied with their jobs as their time slots will validate their work.

Enhanced Productivity

Similarly, when employees would be satisfied with jobs and arriving on time while giving proper focus to how much time they accumulate at the office, it will automatically increase their productivity. Employees would not work just for the sake of it but because they would enjoy working and giving time to their work.

Elimination of Buddy Punching

As mentioned before, enhanced technology will eliminate any chances of cheating the system. As biometric will utilize your thumbprint for your attendance, you cannot ask a co-worker to punch your attendance anymore. Thus, you won’t be able to miss a day’s work and be accountable for your own absence without pressuring your friend to go against the work ethic.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, let’s hope you get in the chase of increased efficiency and technological impact in your workspace. Instead of going for a traditional non-technological approach, reap the benefits of a Nano smart biometric attendance machine in no time!

Author: Stella Lincoln

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