12 Unusual Marketing Megatrends That Will Impact Your Business In 2020

The digital business trend landscapes are changing very rapidly with time. To help you stay ahead of the curve, below, we outline the 12 best digital marketing trends 2020.
Digital marketing comprises a lot of elements like social media, PPC, marketing automation, SEO, and many more. The Facebook and Google algorithms, new technologies, and strategies keep the business teams on their toes. One of the essential parts is to stay up to date with the marketing trends around the internet so that the campaigns could stay active.
As we have entered the new decade, 2020, and technology is continuing to grow at a fast pace, here in this article, we have the top-notch marketing megatrends of 2020 that you can follow. Excited to grow for better? Here we go;

Marketing Megatrends in 2020

1. Voice Search

This new technique is quite fun to use and has amazing devices for voice search and voice recognition software. This makes it more fun to use. Only in the US, over 25% of adults have the smart speakers. The smart speaker is the name of the device used for voice search by different companies. Like Apple has Siri, Google has Alexa, and Amazon has Amazon Echo. You say a word or phrase to wake the device, and then you may ask them your query, and they the device will resolve your query. This year, it is predicted that 50% of all the searches would be dependent on Voice Searches.

2. Impressively Growing Tech

Tech like AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are big names in the marketing world. Almost all of us are pretty aware of this term, VR. However, AR might sound a little different. AR is already being used by many companies and big brands like IKEA. Along with the app, the customers can use AR so that they can look at every corner of the furniture easily on their devices. Also, they can see how the furniture would look if they’ll install it in a particular place in their house. However, VR is not so popular as AR is taking over the brands and VR might get out-dated, soon.

3. Attractive Social media posts

As we have already discussed, and a lot of us are already aware that social media is the core feature of online marketing. One cannot do marketing if the social media skills are poor. What much people might not realize is the amount of online shopping that users do each day. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have gotten so popular among all the users out there that people are buying and selling stuff through these social media applications since a past few years. You need to hire someone who has great writing skills and content producing strategies. It is a great deal for merchant and they can earn so much profit through these apps.

4. Personalized user experience

Personalized user experience is what all the customers look for in a business. People are experiencing more and more personalization, but that is not a big deal. The reason is that the digital marketers have a lot of ways to deliver a good personalized user experience. We discussed segmented email lists in the above heading; hence this is the best way to personalize your marketing online. Also, personalized emails works the better the generic emails that you send to your entire list.

5. Highly-Active Responses and Applications

Customer support is the key to successful businesses. People hate late replies. If the user comes to your website and doesn’t find any information there, he might message you and expect an answer immediately. If the customer does not gets respond, he’ll lose his patience entirely. Fast interaction will help you build good contact with clients and users. Active responses visibly increase the rate of sales. Moreover, the brands and companies are adopting the strategy to have an online application. The interface and approach of phone applications is quite easier and less annoying.

6. Chatbots and AI

You’re likely anticipating that artificial intelligence should appear on a rundown of advertising megatrends, and all things considered. It’s an ideal opportunity to move past AI as the "trend" and begin discussing the manners by which it can improve us, more information-driven advertisers, and business pioneers. AI, paired with super-savvy people, can both drive income and decrease costs. Furthermore, since numerous apparatuses as of now influence some AI, the "trend" ought to be path past the innovations themselves and instead be concentrating on business outcomes. Moreover, the most recent quite a long while, we’ve been communicating increasingly more with bots. Because of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI, chatbots are getting progressively advanced and equipped for taking care of increasingly complex solicitations.

7. Position "Zero" in SERP

When you search for something on the browser, you get the options for a different website. They are rated form the best one, down to the worst matches. However, first, the rankings used to start from 1st highly rated website, but now it’s a little more than that. There is a position of zero in the SERP. The snippet and also the text make it at the top of the page.

8. Content Marketing

Content not only shows the expertise and knowledge to your customer going through your website or article, but it is also basically what the search engines put in result. The only thing that can work as a fuel to your fire is content. It can perform multiple digital marketing jobs for you. You need to produce as much content as possible to get your name highlighted in the ranking of SERP. In 2020, you need to focus more on explanatory videos and video tutorials to make your way into the crowd of big websites.

9. Influencer and bloggers

In this era, we have a ton of bloggers around the world. Out of the millions of people who use social media, more than half of them are doing blogging. Now the question is that how can these influencers and bloggers help you in increasing your business. Basically, they both give reviews of different brands, and their followers appreciate the brand and try it. Moreover, there are influencers. The influencer marketing trend is very old and successful. The brands send them packages of their products, and the influencers also get paid for most of the promotions that they do. That is because they have a lot of followers, and people follow their lifestyles. So this is one of the easy ways to get the promotions done.

10. Page Loading Speed

Now, most of the companies might not even think of this as a big issue, when it is. People hate when the page takes more than 4 seconds to load. Most of the time, the customer support, products, and everything of the brand is good, but when you open the website, it takes a whole lifetime to load a single page, and the user eventually closes the website. This is a natural reaction, as waiting is a thing that can trigger anyone very easily. However, organizations and businesses need to work on the pace of the page.

11. Branding And Culture Balance

It used to be that organizations would build up their brand positioning to a great extent through self-assessment — by recognizing what they saw as the characterizing characteristics and advantages of their brand, at that point pushing that rendition on to the market. They worked just as they were in complete control.
Presently, building brands in such an isolated way feels bygone. Today, brands need to look all the more effectively and deliberately at the idea of life humming around them. In amusement, in design, in the news, via web-based networking media—and utilize that attention to illuminate how they should take the best position and incorporate themselves into the world at that point. This is an all the more dominant type of branding because by drawing in with culture all the more straightforwardly, brands basically can turn into a piece of that culture, along these lines extending their significance and association with clients. Also, that has never been progressively farsighted or essential.

12. Interactive and Polished Emails

Emails are one of the oldest ways to interact with clients. However, they are one of the most effective ways to communicate up until now. We can see the emails differently now. Emails are not just plain text now. The designs, layouts, and fonts or every email is unique in its own way as per the brands. They are highly creative. These types of emails attract the audience. Their readers are more likely to tap on the funky and stylized options. They like the buttons that are designed to take them to what they want on the website. Make sure to create a fantastic template to attract users.


The megatrends that you’ll see in 2020 are both mechanical and human partnership. Though the soul of digital marketing remains the same, but they are just enhancing. The primary purpose is to attract the audience. That can be done with engaging content and effective communication between the company and the customers.

Author: Stella Lincoln

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